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Discover Oahu, Hawaii! Take a private cruise, snorkel in pristine waters teeming with exotic wildlife, enjoy a peaceful moment doing yoga on the beach, sample local delicacies, go on an outdoor scavenger hunt and more! Browse all our Oahu tours below and book yours online today!


From $95

Experience one of the most breathtaking sunsets from the famous North Shore of Oahu.  This adventure starts out just before sunset.  We get you comfortable with the water and as night falls we head up the historic Haleiwa river, allowing our specialized boards to illuminate the water beneath you.

Experience true Hawaiian hospitality as you are greeted with a fresh flower lei and a warm “aloha!” An airport lei greeting sets the tone for your entire Hawaiian vacation. It’s a tradition you won’t want to miss!

From $110.00

From beginners to seasoned riders, if you enjoy adventure this is the tour for you. Located in Honolulu’s beach side parks this tour is off the streets and in the trees. Feel free as you glide blissfully in the Hawaiian sun, away from the crosswalks and street lights.

From $29

The ultimate outdoor scavenger hunt! Find a map and follow the clues in this outdoor walking adventure in beautiful Waikiki. Complete the 1.5-mile course in 60 minutes to win the prize!